CTS: SESSION II (15/10/2015)

24 Oct

In the morning session we were tasked with bringing an object. however, it didn’t matter what its characteristics were which i found quite strange to start things at first. the item could of been as simple as a pen or as complex as my saxophone (which has been sitting at home these past weeks). Considering this session is in the month of October, I settled on bringing in something “spooky”.


I don’t really care too much for Halloween, so I’m thinking to myself “if we’re gonna analyse objects, I wanna take a look at something I don’t understand as much”. That’s where the skull-mask comes in. Of course, at first glance, its a visual representation of death personified. As I started to discuss the object with the group i was in however, my perception of “visual death” was widened.

firstly, the material that the skull was created from felt really light, contrasting the heavy subject of death itself. From this, the group started depicting weather death really a powerful thing. Some festivals in Mexico don’t look at it as seriously as seen in their celebrations around the subject.

The Mexican “Day Of The Dead” is used to pass messages from Mexican family’s to their beloved passed ones and wish them a pleasant spiritual journey. Sounds much more peaceful then judgment day if you ask me.

the other objects in the group consisted of graphic novel (which also contained the same “death” theme as the mask) , a scarf, a camera and a fountain pen which were then arranged as though it was a piece about to go on exhibition in the next hour (as seen above).

Related image

looking at it from a more visual perspective i like how it was arranged as form of hierarchy in terms of power and dynamics. the mask being at the back to overshadow and overlook the rest of the piece as a hole with the pen and the camera at the front alongside the foundation of the book and the scarf to give structure to the work as a hole.

If i was to give a name for this piece, I would call it “Equilibrium” due to the reason of balancing power as i just mentioned (and because equilibrium is such a cool word that people don’t say enough).


to finish off the morning session, we also read a text titled “Collecting as medium and message” by Susan Pearce which was focused on how objects could be arranged in ways to engage an audience as well as how there were arranged in museums during the early 1980’s up until the late 1990’s. what really captured my eye in her writing was her concluding section where she mentioned how all people have their own personal museum with is a collection of items they process which is always changing.

as people, we all have desires. these desires, once obtained, define our identity. with our identity always changing however, our desires change and so does our personal museum. and that what i like. a museum that’s ALWAYS changing.

during the afternoon session (Yes. there’s still more with you’ve read this far), I designed a small questionnaire based on music genres. Please feel free to fill it out and send me your results via email:


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