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CTS: SESSION VI (21/01/2016)

CTS: SESSION VI (21/01/2016)

VIOLENCE! Well in terms of illustration. Take a look at Virtual Reality video.

For those of you who are not bothered to watch it all, here’s the breakdown.
This video, Displaced, is all about loss. Loss of homes, loss of families, loss of lives, loss of happiness, loss of purpose. The list goes on.

To some, this may sound dramatically depressing. To others it may your typical “Save The Children” commercial during a busy evening. Just with a bit more of a personal touch.

Think REALLY hard on the question I’m about to ask you.  You thinking? Good

Can conflict be illustrated?

Now before you say “yes”, let’s look at what we’re illustrating.

Conflict. War. Most of us only hear and know about the horrors of wars and only a handful of people have direct or connected experiences with it. With a subject as deep as human conflict, it’s gonna be quite an near impossible task to capture the depressing energy that war leaves behind and place it on a page.

Don’t get me wrong, conflict can be captured on a canvas. But how would the viewer see it? How aggressive can a message be for a viewer to comprehend? Could that energy from conflict be translated to the viewer? Would the viewer be able to feel experiences from those in conflict through an image?

History proves that it can’t be done. Not first time anyways.

Take a look at Eric Ravilous, E.H Shepard and Olivier Kugler. Well, not really Shepard because his artistic tone is always bright (hence Winnie the Pooh).
Ravilous and Kugler are two of many examples on how illustrators manipulate the true experiences from war to appeal to trick viewers into a positive state of mind.

Basically fooling people on how bad human war actually is.

Now that has been explained (not very well) you know how difficult it was to try and ilustrate war myself. I responded by using the plane scene in the “Displaced” video and preceded to create an animation out of that.


How about you try?
Like I always say, if your bothered to read my blog, you should be bothered to do this as well!

Watch the video, create an illustration and post it in the comments below (if that’s how WordPress works). And not just any happy illustration either!

Try and capture that depressing vibe from the “Displaced”, harness it and mold it into a image on a page, all while remembering that the message has to get across clearly.

You’ll realize just how difficult it can really be.

After that session, a handful of people asked me about my general thoughts on war. To them I say what I have been saying ever since 2008.

“War never changes”

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CTS: SESSION V (14/01/2016)

Culture and Idenitiy. What a coincidence with my manifesto project eh?

So in Contextual and Theoretical Studies (in case you forgot what CTS stands for) we have moved away from the topic of cataloging and onto a topic that I have been touching on in my manifesto Project which is culture.

We all know what culture is. Social guidelines to help oneself form theory own identity. You live like this, and you become this type of person. You live like that, you become that type of person.

Culture in a nutshell.

But what was really interesting in that morning session was the discussion on the possible death of subcultures. Lily Jackman,  classmate of mine came up with a good point referring to subcultures, suggesting that subcultures are dying due to the fact that social media can be used to formulate our identities.

In my opinion, this is true, but I haven’t looked much into it much. With online networking and social media, it has never been easier to be a part of multiple cultures to help personalise your identity.

– Picture taken from:

With access to the world Wide Web, your options are limitless, you can become who you want and more with availability of cultures on the Web and the reason why I say this is because all cultures are online.  Our identities are there for anyone to see. Subcultures are dying because they are being reborn though a digital womb.

As you can tell from my previous sentence, it’s a hard concept to grasp and explain 1st time. As the weeks go by, I should be able to make it sound more clear.

Also, in this CTS session, we were place into groups of about 5 or so to put on a performance, stretching the thin line between culture, representation and just plain stereotyping. The sketch was based around Lily’s concept of online social culture but the theme of this sketch overpowered the concept being bulling.

I portrayed the stereotypical bully while another colleague of mine, Mark Henson acted as the nerd. The rest of my group consisting of Nicole Harrison, Siyakorn Kimhasawad and Francis Osele acted as bystanders until they saw the confrontation in which they responded by capturing the moment on their devices, which ultimately could be used to further define their identity, if they choose to display in on social media.

It was a small piece that was ment to portray how we submit our personalities online and expect the web to reward us with a community or culture to become a part in think we all forgot how powerful the topic of bullying can be huh?

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Selling Cultures and cashing in on Star Wars? (Project II: Manifesto)

Marketing. “The action or business of promoting and selling products or services” according to Google.

What I’ve learned from Rich Hall is that if you want to sell a culture, a value or an ideology, you gotta reinvent it and convince the buyer that your version is the real deal. So for my project, I’m going to tackle that idea  of making money out of people’s lives by marketing Native Indian propaganda though a series of visual outcomes.

I want to go for an “antique market” kinda feel, so I’m hoping to market random items which are pointless to display on their own but are great in a collected and enclosed spaces.

This idea of cultures being up for sale is refined by my manifesto which was based upon Rich Hall’s “Inventing the Indian” as seen below.


I know, your thinking “pretty simplistic for an art student”. It is. And that’s the point. I wanna see how simple it is to sell a someone’s social approach to life and this project is gonna help me do it… I think.

Now in terms of actual items, I’m not sure about what I should really market but I want to Base each item I make, to sell for a specific age group of people. You can’t sell kids cigars, so you get them a toy! Which brings me onto Star Wars.

Now that “The force Awakens” has finally dropped, there’s a lot of money going into marketing not only the film, but the merchandise.

Action figures, themed clothes and anything Star Wars related has been bumped up in price. So if I was a TRUE salesman, I would want to get in on that action!


As a result of Episode VII, for one of my projects, I will attempt to modify a lightsaber to make it apper as a Native Indian product. I got the saber already, just gonna take it to the London College of Communication 3D workshop and see if I can cast a vacuum form of some sort onto the hilt to work from.

As for my other ideas, I’ll keep you all posted and may the force be with you!



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Barka, the Glass Artist (Project II: Manifesto)

During the holloween period, a artist in Peckham by the name of Barka was interviewed on ITV news. Never heard of him till recently. He’s an artist that (in the words of an reporter)” has committed to capturing the strength and colour of black Britan”.FB_IMG_1453313160406

Not much colour in black though if you know what I mean 🙂 (I’m black myself so I can get away with that).

I wasn’t really interested in his visual messages surprisingly enough. What got me hooked was the concept of painting on a glass window, which he does very organically.

Barka had an exhibition on for a short time (16-18 of October 2015) in Peckham so I decided to see these “glass paintings” up-close.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something pretty cool about painting on window glass. So hopefully,  if I get a good frame myself, I might give glass painting a try. See how far it goes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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Inventing the Native: a Rich Hall Maifesto

We all know Rich Hall right? that American comidian?

This guy?


Now you know. Believe it or not, besides his carrer in the comedic industry, Hall is also into the culture of film genres.
He’s created a number of 1 hour documentaries on how culture influences the direction of popular film type during its time. And to save you readers the trouble, some of them are:

How the West was lost (June 2008)

The dirty South (October 2010)

Continental Drifters (November 2011)

Inventing the Indian  (October 2012)

You can go to hell,  I’m going to Texas (June 2013)

California Stars (June 2013)

You can probably guess that I’ve watched Inventing the Indian. In that instalment, Hall discusses the social portrayal of Native Americans from the early 1900’s to the early 2000’s through the lens of a Hollywood film camera.

After watching this, the documentary helped me to form a concept of marketing  a culture. The concept that all values and ideologies of someone’s way of life, can be sold off for the right price.


Let that rest on your mind for a bit. Someone’s culture. Up for sale.

While you’re letting that that sink in, I’m going to come up with some visual ideas on selling a way to live a life.

And if you want to know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, here is a video link to “Inventing the Indian “.

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Finishing up (Project I: ISHE) “We come in peace”

There’s nothing like designing a publication that consists of 20 pages or more based on the physical or metaphorical characteristics
of 2 objects.

To start off, that stuff I did about the footwear, completely scraped that.
I tell you, I never came back to looking at footwear for the rest of the project. So if you were looking forward to something 3D, tough luck!

I tried multiple ways of attempting to print rope onto a page. Some of which was mentioned in my previous post. Most of these techniques used to visualise rope were taken from the superlative skill of three artists. Garth Knight and artist duo Jananina
Mello and Daniel Landini.

I won’t go into much detail but if you got time for my blog, you got time to search them up on Google.

Now about these publications ideas. Based on the physical aspect of the rope and biographic studies that I’ve done, I decided to do a publication on the creation of a fetus.

“But tamoy, that’s sooo cliché” I can hear you wondering. It is.

But it’s not so much the concept of creation that I’m presenting.

When you step back and think about it, the creation of a fetus is quite strange. From contraception to month 9, looking at the interior process gives off a kind of “alienated” feeling, but that’s how were created, no matter who you are. You can be a becon of hope worldwide or the lowest form of a scumbag the earth has ever seen but back at the begining, this is how your created. We all start fresh outta our mothers womb and take our paths which in turn, would form our identity. We all know that there millions of great people as well as assholes that roam the world and it’s fascinating that technically, we all started in the same place. I could go on but to cut it short, it’s satisfying to know that before we were created, before we became who we all our now, we came in peace.

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Kinetika Bloco

Kinetika bloco. It’s all in the name.

Bloco is a group of young jazz talent that preform tunes with a personal, carnaval-like, edgy twist (which I happen to be a part of).

Tunes from artists like fela kuti, sun ra and James brown are manipulated into intense adaptations by the band and dancers to create a distinct gig.

So for those of you who were desperate to know what I do in my free time, this is it! Well not it but a portion of it.


Bloco has been all over the place! From south East London to North West and from the UK to China, we’re always on the move when it comes to location but don’t worry, most of our shows are free and you can catch us via Facebook or Twitter.

So if your dying of boredom, come seek out K.B. See what we’re up to. What’s not to love then seeing your fellow art student; Tamoy Thorpe dressed in vibrant clothing weilding an alto saxophone?

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