Kinetika Bloco

14 Jan

Kinetika bloco. It’s all in the name.

Bloco is a group of young jazz talent that preform tunes with a personal, carnaval-like, edgy twist (which I happen to be a part of).

Tunes from artists like fela kuti, sun ra and James brown are manipulated into intense adaptations by the band and dancers to create a distinct gig.

So for those of you who were desperate to know what I do in my free time, this is it! Well not it but a portion of it.


Bloco has been all over the place! From south East London to North West and from the UK to China, we’re always on the move when it comes to location but don’t worry, most of our shows are free and you can catch us via Facebook or Twitter.

So if your dying of boredom, come seek out K.B. See what we’re up to. What’s not to love then seeing your fellow art student; Tamoy Thorpe dressed in vibrant clothing weilding an alto saxophone?

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