Finishing up (Project I: ISHE) “We come in peace”

15 Jan

There’s nothing like designing a publication that consists of 20 pages or more based on the physical or metaphorical characteristics
of 2 objects.

To start off, that stuff I did about the footwear, completely scraped that.
I tell you, I never came back to looking at footwear for the rest of the project. So if you were looking forward to something 3D, tough luck!

I tried multiple ways of attempting to print rope onto a page. Some of which was mentioned in my previous post. Most of these techniques used to visualise rope were taken from the superlative skill of three artists. Garth Knight and artist duo Jananina
Mello and Daniel Landini.

I won’t go into much detail but if you got time for my blog, you got time to search them up on Google.

Now about these publications ideas. Based on the physical aspect of the rope and biographic studies that I’ve done, I decided to do a publication on the creation of a fetus.

“But tamoy, that’s sooo cliché” I can hear you wondering. It is.

But it’s not so much the concept of creation that I’m presenting.

When you step back and think about it, the creation of a fetus is quite strange. From contraception to month 9, looking at the interior process gives off a kind of “alienated” feeling, but that’s how were created, no matter who you are. You can be a becon of hope worldwide or the lowest form of a scumbag the earth has ever seen but back at the begining, this is how your created. We all start fresh outta our mothers womb and take our paths which in turn, would form our identity. We all know that there millions of great people as well as assholes that roam the world and it’s fascinating that technically, we all started in the same place. I could go on but to cut it short, it’s satisfying to know that before we were created, before we became who we all our now, we came in peace.

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