Inventing the Native: a Rich Hall Maifesto

20 Jan

We all know Rich Hall right? that American comidian?

This guy?


Now you know. Believe it or not, besides his carrer in the comedic industry, Hall is also into the culture of film genres.
He’s created a number of 1 hour documentaries on how culture influences the direction of popular film type during its time. And to save you readers the trouble, some of them are:

How the West was lost (June 2008)

The dirty South (October 2010)

Continental Drifters (November 2011)

Inventing the Indian  (October 2012)

You can go to hell,  I’m going to Texas (June 2013)

California Stars (June 2013)

You can probably guess that I’ve watched Inventing the Indian. In that instalment, Hall discusses the social portrayal of Native Americans from the early 1900’s to the early 2000’s through the lens of a Hollywood film camera.

After watching this, the documentary helped me to form a concept of marketing  a culture. The concept that all values and ideologies of someone’s way of life, can be sold off for the right price.


Let that rest on your mind for a bit. Someone’s culture. Up for sale.

While you’re letting that that sink in, I’m going to come up with some visual ideas on selling a way to live a life.

And if you want to know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, here is a video link to “Inventing the Indian “.

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