Selling Cultures and cashing in on Star Wars? (Project II: Manifesto)

20 Jan

Marketing. “The action or business of promoting and selling products or services” according to Google.

What I’ve learned from Rich Hall is that if you want to sell a culture, a value or an ideology, you gotta reinvent it and convince the buyer that your version is the real deal. So for my project, I’m going to tackle that idea  of making money out of people’s lives by marketing Native Indian propaganda though a series of visual outcomes.

I want to go for an “antique market” kinda feel, so I’m hoping to market random items which are pointless to display on their own but are great in a collected and enclosed spaces.

This idea of cultures being up for sale is refined by my manifesto which was based upon Rich Hall’s “Inventing the Indian” as seen below.


I know, your thinking “pretty simplistic for an art student”. It is. And that’s the point. I wanna see how simple it is to sell a someone’s social approach to life and this project is gonna help me do it… I think.

Now in terms of actual items, I’m not sure about what I should really market but I want to Base each item I make, to sell for a specific age group of people. You can’t sell kids cigars, so you get them a toy! Which brings me onto Star Wars.

Now that “The force Awakens” has finally dropped, there’s a lot of money going into marketing not only the film, but the merchandise.

Action figures, themed clothes and anything Star Wars related has been bumped up in price. So if I was a TRUE salesman, I would want to get in on that action!


As a result of Episode VII, for one of my projects, I will attempt to modify a lightsaber to make it apper as a Native Indian product. I got the saber already, just gonna take it to the London College of Communication 3D workshop and see if I can cast a vacuum form of some sort onto the hilt to work from.

As for my other ideas, I’ll keep you all posted and may the force be with you!



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