CTS: SESSION VI (21/01/2016)

27 Jan
CTS: SESSION VI (21/01/2016)

VIOLENCE! Well in terms of illustration. Take a look at Virtual Reality video.

For those of you who are not bothered to watch it all, here’s the breakdown.
This video, Displaced, is all about loss. Loss of homes, loss of families, loss of lives, loss of happiness, loss of purpose. The list goes on.

To some, this may sound dramatically depressing. To others it may your typical “Save The Children” commercial during a busy evening. Just with a bit more of a personal touch.

Think REALLY hard on the question I’m about to ask you.  You thinking? Good

Can conflict be illustrated?

Now before you say “yes”, let’s look at what we’re illustrating.

Conflict. War. Most of us only hear and know about the horrors of wars and only a handful of people have direct or connected experiences with it. With a subject as deep as human conflict, it’s gonna be quite an near impossible task to capture the depressing energy that war leaves behind and place it on a page.

Don’t get me wrong, conflict can be captured on a canvas. But how would the viewer see it? How aggressive can a message be for a viewer to comprehend? Could that energy from conflict be translated to the viewer? Would the viewer be able to feel experiences from those in conflict through an image?

History proves that it can’t be done. Not first time anyways.

Take a look at Eric Ravilous, E.H Shepard and Olivier Kugler. Well, not really Shepard because his artistic tone is always bright (hence Winnie the Pooh).
Ravilous and Kugler are two of many examples on how illustrators manipulate the true experiences from war to appeal to trick viewers into a positive state of mind.

Basically fooling people on how bad human war actually is.

Now that has been explained (not very well) you know how difficult it was to try and ilustrate war myself. I responded by using the plane scene in the “Displaced” video and preceded to create an animation out of that.


How about you try?
Like I always say, if your bothered to read my blog, you should be bothered to do this as well!

Watch the video, create an illustration and post it in the comments below (if that’s how WordPress works). And not just any happy illustration either!

Try and capture that depressing vibe from the “Displaced”, harness it and mold it into a image on a page, all while remembering that the message has to get across clearly.

You’ll realize just how difficult it can really be.

After that session, a handful of people asked me about my general thoughts on war. To them I say what I have been saying ever since 2008.

“War never changes”

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