Epic Fail (Project II: Manifesto)

03 Feb

You guys and girls remember me mentioning something about a “Native American Lightsaber” right?

Yeah… that idea didn’t go a smoothly as planned.


So here was the plan. I wanted to redesign the hilt with native American stencils that I designed that was based off the documentary. The stencils would of been used as screen printing material for some cloth that I had and that cloth would have been wrapped around the hilt (handle) to give off a savage, tribal feel.


But before all of that, I had to vacuum form the hilt. That’s where I encountered the problem.

Because the blade was too long for the vacuum machine, I had to dismantle the saber first.

Now if you look closely at the bottom picture, I had to remove the blade but long story short, the blade will always be attached to the hilt via a small circuit. board.

Yes I could rip it off and soldier it back on again. However, I don’t have the experience to do so and if it doesn’t work, this piece would of lost all its ascetic which is what I’m trying to improve on.

Who wants to buy a Lightsaber that doesn’t work? NO ONE!

So the idea became what I like to call an “Epic Fail”. Not all ideas work on your first try.

At least my Lightsaber is still in working condition.



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