London Super Comic Con: quick review (20/02/2016)

20 Mar

Firstly, all the images I took with a low-Battery life Phone!


Quite a small event, some would say. However, considering that this was my first time going to this type of event, I didn’t see that being a problem.

I had no idea about this event until a colleague of mine told me all about it. Eva Popovolic informed me about and I had some time to spare!

So why not?

There was one feature that caught my attention during the exhibition (not to say the exhibition was bad. It was amazing!) being the Comic-Based newspapers and news articles that I found on a particular stall. Articles like Batman Foiling an Arkham escape plan to wanted posters of Fictional characters are created on A3 Gloss paper and presented as front covers of fictional newspapers like the Daily Planet. A very iinteresting concept that I feel hasn’t been explored enough I this mainstream form of media.

It’s a surprise that this idea isn’t explored enough. Or at the very least, brought this idea to some form of life. A task which I plan to pursue in the future.



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