Imagined worlds and design fictions

10 Oct

Hi all!

It’s been a while since my last post and that’s because I’m going to create a new blog… but not right now!

Imagined world’s and design fictions. Quite a mouthful if I do say so myself!

Initially, I thought it was all in the name. However, as I was introduced to the concept, the perception I had at the time was widened.

We looked at 3 sources to kick off the session.

The 1st being a film teaser  called “in the robot skies” by Liam Young, the 2nd second being a text from Ursula k le guin called world-making (1981) and the 3rd being a short film about an old-timer that doesn’t like the idea of being monitored by digital technology  (for the life of me, I can’t even remember the name of it!).

Let’s start with architect Liam Young’s  and fiction author Tim Maughan  latest project.

In the robot skies, is a soon to be released B.F.I. (British film institute) film where the filming itself is taken from the visual angle of pre-programmed drones. This is accompanied by electronic producer Forest swords, because one man alone can’t make a film on his own.

Believe it or not, Young’s approach to the narrative is a love story, despite the strong sense of science fiction. To emphasize the Sci-Fi, the film takes place in a near-future police state, where drones are said to be much more valuable and useful then they are now.

Not much else has been said about the film yet but hey, that’s what the film is for. No point watching it if you already know what’s gonna happen right?

For me, the teaser gives off an impression of a digital future and how we can and can’t connect to that future. Earth today is a digital planet and we all know it. I think that the question young wants to asks his viewers though the film is ;

Can a drone be seen as a cultural object? If so, can it have enough influence to create subcultures?

Guess we will find out when the film gets released.

What was on my mid at the time is would we as a people be able to have social acceptance for technologies?

Would we accept the idea of a digital technology being seen as a cultural influence?

The 4-minute film that we watched in the session (Which I forgot the name) shows us the outcome when we reject this idea.

Like I mentioned before, the film centers around an old man who doesn’t like his health being monitored by digital devices that pester him to be more healthy, so he tricks the devices by creating scenarios  which fool the devices into thinking he is actually doing work!

This film raises the question, is digital technology as really reliable as we think it is?

This film shows us that accepting technology as a cultural influence may bring more harm than help.

But enough about technological futures! This is one of many angles a illustrator can go down to creating a fiction that can engage their viewers.

For the time being, for my cts I will take a closer look at the most common archetype of a design fictions. A utopia/dystopia.

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