Unknown Fields: All Up In My Grill

21 Nov

Unknown Fields turned a simple road trip turned into a ambitious project from what they displayed in the exhibition. Two pieces were presented along with a number of video logs describing what the creations were, what they are used for, how effective they will be at what they will do and most importantly, how they were created. The process for me is the big selling point, documenting not only the journey to the present, but the possible future.

before we take a look at what Unknown Fields created, first I take a look at the videos that recorded these events. The video clips for me made the exhibition since they played a part in supporting the main pieces greatly. The pieces on display were given a sense of purpose that was built around the experiences of the creators and how this came about. Not many curators and exhibitors display their journeys from scratch in their showing. And for fair reason. However, the curator’s having their process contributes positively to the exhibition over all.

If they didn’t show what they’ve done, or more importantly, where they’ve been, the exhibition as a whole would have suffered otherwise.

I was also very interested in the editing of the videos. Filming in rural areas but the editing seems to be very calculated, as if they planned every shot and scene. Elements of this filming technique are identifiable throughout the videos which help strengthen the overall screening of the presentations.

In terms of the space, they did the best they could with such a small space. . Lucky enough, I had the space all to myself when I visited. At first, I thought that they could of done with a bigger space. However, upon reflection, I now feel that a small space is what Unknown fields needed. This is mainly due to the canvas work mainly.

The 1st piece was a gemstone placed inside a gold tooth which according to unknown fields “sets up someone for that million-dollar smile”.
Specifics on details as to how they created this are down below.

The second piece seems to be a ECO-friendly, resourceful battery. Lets be honest here, the golden tooth straight from the get-go, sounds much more interesting I believe.
The pieces were followed up by a group of canvas prints which were the locations that unknown fields visited to form their initial pieces.

The description of “All up in my Grill” (Golden Tooth) explains it all in terms of how this idea came about. To be honest, there’s not much more to be said really. I found it to be a pleasant experience, taking into consideration that I went to this exhibition completely blind. Not knowing who or what Unknown fields are, what this exhibition was about and not doing any external research about this project whatsoever. Id say that for the first time seeing unknown fields at work, this exhibition doesn’t show me what their about in terms of who they are. It shows me the capabilities of this creative group, don’t get me wrong, but no more then that. But like I said before, its my first time seeing Unknown fields, lets see what they have in store in the future to come.


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