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Self-initiated Animation test


In terms of converting my subject of representation into the medium, I plan to create a animation of stereotypes with narrating sounds. Did a small animation test to show how the visual style will look.


Also, to help with my technique of animation, I might see if I can convert this next video that I filmed in the British museum into a motion piece, if time is kind to me.

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Threads: A Talk with Cartoon Kate

Threads: From the Refugee Crisis

Threads is a narrative that was created by Graphic artist Kate Evans that focuses on the take’s interactions with some of the many refugees that have made their way to Calais, France, and are trying to move to England. Threads captures some of the experiences and events that these refugees had while in france and evans used threads to document the simple realisim of the topic.

Thank the Lord that she came in for a talk and in-depth analysis about her new book, which ive happen to have recorded.

I do warn you, the recordings are long. listen at your own risk!

recording #1(Talk about threads and designer intentions)

Recordings #2 (Q&A With Kate Evans)                           

This talk has lead me into thinking of a new way of approaching this self-initiated project. Focusing more on capturing people’s character rather then trying to represent them on the page necessarily. Maybe its not about the character, maybe its about the experience of that said character in question..


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Exploring the theme stereotypes in graphic illustration

For my first  self-initiated project, I wanted to take a closer look at the theme of visual representation. By this, I mean visually capturing the characteristics of someone on paper.

Since character archetypes are very evident in all types of graphic narratives, I wanted to analyse this subject by putting it into practice myself.

i plan to spend the time I have on this project practicing characterization and also analyse the theme of stereotypes in graphic art, to see how much of a influence they have on the media.

these are some of the digital sketches that I’ve done to better understand this topic.

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