Effectiveness in Simplicity: Mr.Men research and source material

11 Jun

Considering that i would like this animation to be child-friendly, complicated forms of imagery just wouldn’t work in delivering the message. you’ve gotta know your audience to know how to write the message.

the simplist way to communicate is through shapes and after doing some research into child frendily shows in contemporary times, the visual styles didnt appel to me all that much..

So i took a step into the past and i remembered one show which fits in with what I’m looking for…


Image result for

Mr. Men for those who don’t know, is a children’s program which showcased radical personality traits and embodied those traits into characters. The designs were simple so that producers can spend more time on the characters actions, which in turn represented that character better.


I believe that they are remaking the series actually…. the point is; the designs for representing characters were really simple and in turn, i would like to replicate this in my animation. My designs in my previous post, were inspired by this source and i think it will continue to steer the visual essence of my piece as well as the message i would like to deliver in my project.



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