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Investigating how Bio-art can be explored and interpreted through Textiles (Self-initiated project)

My Self-initiated project was first ignited by an article I came across, which was based upon bio fashion. According to this article, by the year 2082, we would no longer be using fabric for clothing, but our own skin cells to dress us. Despite the strange claim being pure speculation, it got me thinking about applying the theme of human biology into fashion. most notably,  creating biological textiles of sorts. 

Many biological cells have a organic visual outlook which is always subject to change because they are… cells. This lead me to theorise what these shapes would look like on a surface, which is where I plan to take my project.
Key texts:

Bio design : nature, science, creativity / William Myers.

Key artists

Suzanne anker 

Maria peƱil

amy congdon

I’ve already done some basic sketches of cells as seen below, as well as simple textile making, along with some digital images as well, which can later be used as a pattern on a screen. 

(Sketches and paintings coming soon)

Proberly going to continue with this for a while and see where it goes as I gather more research

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