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Book Project: cutout cover designs

Just figured out another way to represent the theme of isolation in the context of Noughts and Crosses.

It’s a rough lightbulp idea that I had on the spot. The cover is essentially a cutout which shows the silhouette of a character alone. But once you open the book to the second cover..

Alot of other characters will be reveled. Although more characters appear when the cover is opened, there will still be a theme of isolation due to the diffrent visual changes that the background characters will have compared to the character in the middle.

Going to work of this more in Adobe and see what I come out with.

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Book project: Handmaid’s Tale and sketches

Remember what I said about spoilers?

Yeah, one of the two main characters (the white male in the story, Callum) gets hanged at the end.

The ending reminded me of another penguin book that I read not too long ago, that follows this utopian dystopia (Which also contains alot of hanging).

It was also recently remade into a live TV show.

Long story short, the handmaid’s tale is based on Margaret Atwood bestseller about a first person perspective of a woman, who has been enslaved by a Christian Reconstructionist group known as the “sons of jacob” who strip women of their rights to extreme measures.For example:

women are forbidden to read, and anyone caught in homosexual acts would be hanged for “gender treachery”.

It runs on a simular track as Blackman’s Noughts and crosses, with the whole ‘gender/race treachery’ thing, so I decided to do some sketches based off the imagery of the handmaid’s tale.

I do like the aspect of characters being stripped of their identity through the clothes that they wear of what they are (ethnic, gender wise), which seems to be a recurring theme in both books (aside from the hanging).

I might try something images making wise with the ‘hanging’ aspect, but;

1. It’s hanging. I dont think people will pick up a book cover with somone about the hang themselves (unless you’re edggy)

2. It’s a spoiler.

Maybe something more reminiscent to slavery, but we will see, these are just opening thoughts.

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Book project: building sketches

This is probably off topic, but I decided to go back the the drawing board with the origanal book idea.

It felt like I was doing a book for the handmaid’s tale, with the more sketches I’ve done, and don’t get me started on the hanging/slavery concept.

I’m going to focus on the theme of isolation, or not belong after rereading (or skimming) Noughts and crosses.

I didn’t know how to represent that at first, so I just decided to do some live building sketches.

Maybe if I was to do somone isolated in a space to represent how lost some characters would feel in moments of the story..

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Book cover project: Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses

New project for book covers!

For this project, I was tasked with recreating a book cover from a collection of peguin publications.

Going to try out a design for the book Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

In short, the book does a 180 on ethnic structure and hierarchy of society, placing Caucasians in the shoes of Afro-Americans and other ethnic minorities.

In Blackman’s tale, Afro-Americans are seen as the racially superior race while Caucasians are on the other side of the spectrum. This serves as the groundwork for a romance/thriller between a white male and a black woman. I might spoil the plot during my future blogs, so let this be a spoiler warning.

From what I’ve seen of the covers for the series of noughts and crosses, they follow a strict monochrome with almost stencil-like imagery.

A visual theme I plan to follow as I develop my own version of the book’s cover.

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Hell Notes: Final

Not how I would have liked it to turn out but oh well.

As I mentioned before, it’s about gods who live undercover, the chineese type along the images references what’s really going on. And yes, I had to learn a little bit of how to write in chineese to write these down.

Yuan hell notes about deceptive Gods.

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Hell Notes: Banknote Intaglio Etchings

Did some sketches that I’ve taken into intaglio for printing.

The prints are sized in conjuction with the size of a Chinese banknote (15.6cm X 6.6cm).

Inspired by the artists who I wrote about recently, I’m making chineese hell notes, representing the old beings in my work as Gods or entities that are living undercover and trying to know more about how the people who worship them live.

Going to print these on rag paper then see how they turn out before I Polish the paper after.

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Digital sketch about paying a price.

Quick digital sketch I did about how money can grant “Wishes” at the cost of a price. I dont even know what to call this

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