Digital sketch about paying a price.

Quick digital sketch I did about how money can grant “Wishes” at the cost of a price. I dont even know what to call this

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Hell notes: Chen Qiuzhi’s Traditional Oriental Paintings

After looking at traditional chineese portrait paints like this, I would like to work on trying to visually representing the people in my images as ‘wise’ or ‘humble’, mainly because, that’s how Gods or celestial beings are usually portrayed.

Chen Qiuzhi’s portrayal of old men in paintings like these is something that I want to go for, but not to this detail of course! These are just a reference.

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Hell notes: Banknote Dimensions

Found this jackpot banknote pdf while surfing the web, just what I needed!

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Barbara Bernát Hungarian Bank Notes

Different European countries do tend to put their own national icons on the Euro coins and banknotes that they produce, but the designs hardly change from the standard ‘landmark’ or ‘object’ format.

Graphic designer and illustrator Barbara Bernát took the concept of paper money designs one step further with illustrations of Hungarian wildlife.

The size of the animals relates to the denomination of the bank note, with a deer on the €100 note, and a lizard on the €5. On the opposite side, each note displays a visual representation of flora that again tends to follow the species size to denomination trend, with grass on the €5 and an oak on the €100.

Copperplate etchings with traditional intaglio printing was used to achive this. Something that I can actually do

And if that wasn’t enough, a ‘security measures’ was implemented, to further play with the concepts of counterfeit money in a smart way.

when highlighted under a UV light, the skeletal structure of the animals are illuminated in milky, florescent green.

Proberly won’t get as far as “UV Lights” with mine, but I can see myself representing paper money in some way for my final for Hell notes.

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Hell notes: Everthing Burns

You ever see that scene in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight where the Joker burned down that stack of cash?

I feel like that’s a direction a project like this has to go down in order to get across my message (and I’m not referring to the act of burning cash).

The “burning cash” scene in the Dark Knight was made in order to give the audience more insight into the thinking process of the Joker, which can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

What I got from that moment is a realisation on how subconsciously attached we are money. And why wouldn’t we be?

You need money to survive properly and make a decent living, so you could say that technically, an attachment to money is a case of primal instincts.

As I explained in a previous blog post, money a form of power and security which are highly sought after by many. We all want the power to do the things we want and feel safe.

It’s a simular process with the way how people worship gods, deities and other entities. If you follow them, you will be rewarded. The whole ‘Do good and you’ll be rewarded with “Eternal life”‘ reward system. A classic case of Meritocracy.

Money can essentially grant wishes if you collect enough.

You wishing for a new TV right now? If you have the cash, then here you go, wish granted!

You want a dream home? If you got the $$$ then wish granted!

From watching that joker scene from the other day, I’ve come to realise that a large part of our society functions in this Meritocratic way, and that’s not a bad thing by any means! What goes around comes around.

But I feel that the problem is the blured line between seeing money as something to be valued or worshipped. Having money in your pocket is good, but some people will do anything for more.

I want to direct my project to the theme of essentially worshiping money; or value in this case.

So I’m proberly going to start visually representing money as gods, but we will see..

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Hell Notes: Sketches

Just some sketches I’ve done in my sketchbook at the time:

I want my work to stay close to the Oriental visual ascetic that hell notes symbolises and then go from there.

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Hell Notes: Worshiping Value

Okay, 1st thing’s 1st. What the hell are ‘Hell Notes’?

Hell notes is a form of false traditional chineese currency, which serves as a ceremonial offering to deceased family members through the process of burning the money.

The paper material used to create these are ‘Joss Paper’ which are essentially a material used for ceremonial burning.

And below is the reason why I suddenly know this:

Now I’ve never had experience burning any form of currency, because…why would I?

For some, time is money, and money is power. It simply makes the urban world go round, and I’m not going to pretend that I don’t think there is some truth to this statement.

We need money to survive. And yes, money is power/security. People want a roof over their head, food to eat and to be able to enjoy their life. All of which can be very quick look achieved if you have the right amount of cash or in this case value, in your pocket.

But what if we start to question the theme of value or reject the idea that money is actually seen as valuable?

Challenging the idea of social value itself can be a very difficult process as documented by the K Foundation in 1995, with their ‘brilliant’ idea of burning £1 Million, which later on was titled… get this ‘Ashes in a Suitcase’.

Instead of looking at the notion of what money represents, I would like to take a diffrent approach to represent value, or more specifically, how we see value.

Why don’t we challange our views towards worshiping values, rather the the value itself?

It may be a simple question to an even simpler answer, but regardless, I want to use this subtopic as the basis for my response to this project.

Because these days, burning £1 Million to make a social political statement just doesn’t cut it.

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